Academic Director: Dr. Roni Kaufman, an expert in the fields of community change and food insecurity in Israel. He is also co-founded and chairs of the IFSC.

Director of the Project: Ms Naama Levin (MSW), a community social worker involved in the field of food security, researcher in field of food security policy, and a trained students' field supervisor.

Website Designer: Shai Zauderer, Graphic designer and lecturer of social campaign  in Ben Gurion University – Department of Social Work.


       Advisory Committee

Prof. Moshe Justman – former dean of BGU's Faculty of Social Sciences; researcher at the BGU'S Department of Economics, and Van-Leer Institute; and a leading economist in the field.

Prof. Dan Caspi – chair of BGU's Department of Communication Studies.

Dr. Danit Shachar – a leading food security and public health researcher specializing in gerontology from BGU's Department of Epidemiology and Health Services Evaluation Department and S. Daniel Abraham International Center for Health and Nutrition.

 Ms Tamara Edell Gottstein – major veteran community activist involved in the struggle to promote food security in Israel