• Promoting interest and activity regarding various aspects of food insecurity among policy makers and social and health policy implementers, professionals, university researchers, students, journalists, community organizations and foundations.
  • Providing to stake holders updated information and data about food insecurity in Israel.
  • Creating new communication and data spreading channels among food security practitioners, activists, researchers and organizations.
  • Promoting change by initiating research and educational activities. Special emphasis will be on promoting food security on both local and national levels,  for children and elderly and on the need to combine service with policy advocacy.

Target populations

  • Voluntary organizations and foundations: leaders, staff, and  professionals.
  • Policy makers: local and national levels.
  • Public opinion "gate keepers": policy experts, community leaders, academics and journalists.
  • Care givers: social workers, physicians and nurses, teachers.
  • Special community groups: youth movements, high schools and university students, community leadership groups, women groups, elderly groups.