In 2012 following a review of efforts to promote food security in North America, we came to the conclusion that one of the major barriers for more effective advocacy work is the lack of basic knowledge data about the food insecurity problem and on successful programs in Israel the in the world.  Information that is needed for more focused activity by to all stakeholders dealing with  food security:  policy makers, the media, food security organizations and activities, professionals, researchers, foundations and the general public. In addition we found out that there is lack of on going communications and netwerking between the various stakeholders.

In order to overcome these barriers we decided to develop the Food Security Information, Education and Advocacy Project (FSIP). FSIP is an university based inter-disciplinary national project supported by Ben Gurion University and the Center for Food Security.

The FSIP activities and internet site will be community oriented and will be designed and operated to promote: public and professional awareness and discussion; development of new research and new needed data; and better cooperation and exchange among food security organizations and activists.  The FSIP will also conduct training and educational events to enhance the ability of food security activists and professionals to promote their mission on the local and national arenas.