Site's Content

1. Basic data and information about the problem of food insecurity in Israel: definition; scale; measurement devices; models and strategies, in Israel and other countries, to modify and combat the problem on local and national levels; data on at risk populations.

2. Publications about food security in Israel: findings of academic research in the different disciplines; food security legislation, policy and position papers; protocols of Knesset and governmental ministries related to food security; news paper clips and links to relevant TV reports; list of all food security researchers and their field of interest within the topic of food security.

3. International publications and food security sites: Abstracts of major relevant articles in different disciplines; links to various community and academic sites especially in USA and Canada.

4. Organizations, programs and projects: detailed information about: major Israeli food security organizations; successful projects and programs in Israel in relation to different target populations (elderly, families, pregnant women,  school children, babies).

5. Food security community activists' tools kit: easy to use various tools to promote food security on the community level. For example: basic tools to measure the level of food security in ones local community and local school; instructions to conduct media events to raise awareness to food insecurity; power point presentations (for down loading) regarding various aspects of food insecurity.

The site is in development process. We would appreciate if you will sent us relevant materials and suggestions.