Major Activities:

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B. Advocacy and public education

1. Policy papers: preparing, publishing and distributing research based policy papers on topics related to food security in Israel which concern the food security community. The papers will be distributed to policy makers, media, food organizations and community professionals.

So far, we prepared four policy paper:

a) A policy paper which focusing on the connection between food security and health (presented to the Knesset's members and posted on the Knesset's website).

b) The Ethics of Food Giving (presented to the governmental commission on this topic).

c) Principles for setting priorities for use of Food Security Special Budget (presented to food security lobby in the  Knesset).

d) Healthy and Achievable Food Basket­­­ To Promoting Food Security in Israel (presented to the government).

2. National and International Conferences focusing on knowledge exchange and strategy development to promote food security on the community and policy levels: An Annual conference which will include representatives from all the target groups of FSIP and include lectures, panels, round tables and workshops by Israeli and international experts, researchers and professionals and community activists.

On May 2012 we conducted a very successful national conference in cooperation with the National Security Institute to discuss the operational aspects of the recent food security national survey.The conference was attended by around 200 people, including representatives of the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Health, professionals, most of the leading food security organizations, activists, and students. At the conference, there was widespread support for the idea of the Food Security Information Project.

On May and June 2013 we conducted an educational campaign in BGU and the Bear Sheva city which exposed thousands of students and citizens to the food security problem, it scales and the role students and citizens can play in influencing local and national establishments – to promote food security.                                                


FSI runs researches with the Department of Social Work at Ben-Gurion University. We  initiates research projects to assess the extent of food insecurity in Israel, with a focus on development towns, Bedouin villages, welfare dependants, school children, drug addicts, and mental patients. The Center publicizes its findings at annual conferences in universities and other public forums.

D. Evaluation

The evaluation will be on two levels. Ongoing ("formative") oriented evaluation which will aim to improve the activities of the project. Results ("summative") oriented which will aim to learn about the success of the project to achieve its goals and objectives.Three major measures will be evaluated: Accessibility, Reciprocity, and Impact.

E. Conferences

In February 2015 we held an experts conference – Promoting Food Security and Food Justice in Israel 2015.

Mr. Max fineberg, senior advisor in the US department of agriculture, Ms Abby J. Leibman, president & CEO of MAZON and Ms Mia Hubbard, vice president of programs in MAZON, graced the conference with their presence.

Representatives of NGOs from all over the country, health and Welfare Ministry representatives, the chairman of the Nutritional Security Council, and other participants involved in nutrition security field also participated in the conference.

food security experts confernce jerusalem 2.26.2015