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During the last decade the efforts to promote food security among at risk populations
in Israel, such as the elderly and children, was mainly carried out by voluntary
organizations and community and academic activists. Following a review of efforts
to promote food security in North America, we came to the conclusion that there is
a need for a university- based inter-disciplinary national FSIP. The FSIP will collect
and present, on its internet site and in community activities, relevant information and
data needed for Israeli food organizations and activists, policy makers, professionals
(social workers, teachers, physicians, nutritionists and nurses), researchers, donors
and journalists. The FSIP activities and internet site will be community oriented
and will be designed and operated to promote: public and professional awareness
and discussion; development of new research and new needed data; and better
cooperation and information exchange among food security organizations and
activists. The development of the current proposal included interviews with various
food security activists, researchers, professionals and policy makers.
The development, operation and research will be done utilizing the existing physical
infrastructure and expertise of the BGU’s Department of Social Work BGUDCW.
During the last decade, BGUDCW operated in cooperation with other university
departments (such as communication and public health), with community groups
and services and with projects aimed at promoting food security in Israel. For
example: the Israeli Food Security Center (IFSC), which is a university-community
partnership, activated and trained food security volunteers and professionals;

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